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Getting Started

Pixel Stories is a no-code game engine designed specifically for story-driven adventures games. Our game engine can be launched in any modern web browser. The engine is free and in early access alpha. You can jump right into the engine here!

Introductory Tutorial

This tutorial will get you familiar with the engine’s interface and basic tasks. It covers creating a map with terrain and objects, adding animations and actors, as well as a bit of the event system. Start with the getting started tutorial if it’s your first time using Pixel Stories.

Why Pixel Stories

You might be wondering why you should use Pixel Stories over RPG Maker, GameMaker Studio, Construct 3, or Godot. Pixel Stories is unique in that it’s a modern engine built from the ground up to be for story-driven games. See Why Pixel Stories?

Early Access Note

The Pixel Stories game engine is in early development. As an early user, you may encounter bugs or unexpected errors. Please report any bugs, feedback, or suggestions you have through our feedback form. Thank you and we appreciate your support as an early adopter!


Pixel Stories would not be possible without you and the community! Join our Discord if you’d like to get help, share your project, or give feedback/suggestions for the game engine.