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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

By using Pixel Stories, you are agreeing to the following terms of service and privacy policy.

Account Terms

We cannot be held liable for any damage or loss that may result from your failure to protect your login information, including your password, email, and sign-in methods.

We’ll contact you by email regarding your account or any other reason related to your account.

When making a purchase on Pixel Stories through the payment processor (Paddle), you’ll have to respect their terms of service in order to make the purchase.

You may not use Pixel Stories for any illegal or unauthorized purpose. You must not, in the use of Pixel Stories, violate any laws in your jurisdiction (including but not limited to copyright or trademark laws).

General Conditions

We reserve the right to suspend, cancel and terminate any account and remove user content for any reason, at any time, without notice.

Your use of Pixel Stories is at your sole risk. It is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis.

Verbal, physical, written, or other forms of abuse (including threats of abuse or retribution) of any Pixel Stories user, customer, employee, member, or officer will result in immediate account termination.

We cannot be held responsible for any errors or frauds that can occur during the use of the service.

Payments, pricing, and refunds All products sold on Pixel Stories are one-time purchases of varying prices.

Payments of fees are non-refundable only except for the following instances: when, due to site error, a customer is unable to obtain their product.

All fees are in USD and exclusive of all taxes, levies, or duties imposed by taxing authorities. You shall be responsible for payment of all such taxes, levies, or duties.

Privacy Policy

All analytic data points obtained from the Pixel Stories platform is anonymous, i.e. not associated to a any given user. We do not collect any personal identifiers that track and cross-check end users’ data across different applications or websites.

The Pixel Stories website DOES NOT use third party cookies or related technologies for targeted advertising purposes.